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We’ve said it before: the fashion industry is an out-of-control polluting behemoth, and a major part of that problem is overproduction. One way to curb overproduction is to upcycle, or reinvent, what already exists, instead of using virgin resources, putting things on sale, or throwing them away.

For our first upcycled collection we partnered with XV Production, a collective of fashion artisans and sustainable production experts in Boras, Sweden. Using prints, leftover rivets, and cast-off/throwaway fabrics from recycled sources, we reinvented some of our organic cotton tees and jeans into something brand new.

It’s the first small step on a long journey towards a better solution.

Along with our upcycled collection we’re excited to announce our allyship with policy expert Hilary Jochmans, who runs Politically In Fashion, an education and engagement collective for the fashion industry.

You can read more about our partnership with Hilary and Politically In Fashion by reading about our first project together: here.

Women riding a bike in a denim outfit from AMENDI

Creative Direction: doublepaw studio

Director & Photographer: James Adams

Cinematographer & Editor: Lancer Casem

Producer: Yocastha Rosario

Key Grip & Gaffer: Tim Lopez

Female Lead: Salome Brown

Male Lead: Kyme McCray

Stylists: Michael Grayer