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In 1920, a college football player in Alabama asked his father, a clothing manufacturer, to make something to replace his itchy wool jersey. The father thought of the thick cotton fabric he used for women’s union uniforms, and as a result the first sweatshirt was born. We make all AMENDI sweatshirts from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. We use no genetically modified plants, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers during the farming process. This guarantees the health of the soil, the local biosphere, and the farm workers. It also creates a stronger, more beautiful cotton boll. We grow, harvest, weave into fabric, and sew our cotton into sweatshirts, in the same country.

By keeping our supply chain in one place we decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase quality. We never use harsh chemicals on our sweatshirts and take full advantage of the latest eco-friendly technologies. All AMENDI sweatshirts, like every AMENDI garment, come with a Fabrication Facts tag. This specialized tag gives transparent, in-depth information about the sweatshirt such as: water usage, a cost distribution breakdown, and humans involved in production. By sharing information we aim to build value into even a humble sweatshirt, and trust in how it is made. Learn more about your sweatshirt by clicking on the transparency link below. Go ahead, get to know your clothes.