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AMENDI® is a contemporary denim brand founded in 2020 on a strong conviction that there is ways to change the textile industry, and to nurture a close relationship with the customers to make sure that the life cycle of each garment is as long as possible. “We are fully committed to do our part in terms of producing a product with the most sustainable materials, processes and ways of transportation available on the market, but real change needs to happen in close relationship with the user. The most sustainable jeans are the ones used for many times, and over a long period of time, and in the end recycled into fibers that can be re-used”.

Instead of focusing on sustainable verbiage AMENDI® focus on transparency with the aim to build a reputation as the most transparent denim brand in the world. Transparency is achieved through full traceability through out the supply chain and via a “fabrication facts tag”, attached to each garment stating the most important facts about the garment and the suppliers involved in the production process.
AMENDI® believes that great style and sustainable shopping can go hand in hand.


The vision for AMENDI® is to become fully circular with the product life cycles in close relationship with the customers.

AMENDI® will launch a life time guarantee program on all denims in 2023, meaning that all jeans can be repaired for free at one of our local repair partners. Also, AMENDI® will launch a reuse/recycling program based on a network of local partners. AMENDI® encourage all our customers to hand in their used product to preferred second hand entities, if the product been used for a long time and is beyond repairing/reusing AMENDI® encourage all customers to recycle their products at one of the preferred local recycling partners. AMENDI® want to minimize transportation of goods so therefore no intentions to demand any of the products back.

AMENDI® tracks all its CO2 emissions with the aim of constantly reducing the footprint. AMENDI® measure its emissions through all three scopes meaning that a full report on all emissions caused both direct and indirect is accounted for. AMENDI® compensate 200% of its CO2 emission footprint annually, via united nations carbon offset platform and its verified projects. For 2021 AMENDI® carbon emission amounted to 84,49 tons of CO₂e and the amount of offsetting (2022) was 168,98 tons of CO₂e emissions.