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All AMENDI womens jeans are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. By using organic cotton we ensure no plants were genetically modified and that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used during the farming process. This ensures the health of the soil, the local biosphere, and the farm workers. It also creates a stronger, more beautiful cotton boll. All our cotton is grown, harvested, woven into denim, and sewn into jeans in the same country. By keeping our supply chain in one place we decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase quality. We never use harsh chemicals on our jeans and take full advantage of the latest eco-friendly technologies.

nano-bubble washing machines which use a fraction of the water as normal washing machines. Recycled and reusable wash balls create the same “stone wash” as pumice stones but without the waste. We use laser machines instead of bleach. During every stage of production, we aim to reduce, reuse, or recycle water and eliminate or repurpose waste. For instance, our signature patch is made from leftover leather material from Italy. A pair of our jeans can last for years and will only get better with wear. As always, you can trace the journey your denim made from the loom to your closet by clicking the link to our traceability page below. Just be sure to have the style or sku number.