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Our suppliers are not only some of the most respected in their categories, they are our friends. They understand our mission and have all signed a Code of Conduct to commit to both high employee working standards and innovative sustainable practices. This is a crucial part of our mission.


Turkey is home to some of the finest farmers and clothing producers in the world. Because of this and its proximity to our Swedish headquarters, we currently source and produce all of our clothing in Turkey. This allows us to refine our supply chain, maximize our quality, verify ideal working environments for employees while minimizing our greenhouse emissions by not shipping across different countries for different processes.

Supplier list

Bossa, Turkey
Bossa is one of Turkey’s largest integrated textile companies and was founded in 1951 with its facilities and head office located in Adana. Bossa specializes in denim fabric production and have been investing heavily in innovative, eco-friendly production methods for many years. For convenience Bossa partners with local agents in burgeoning markets. We work with an agency called T. Goldman AB located in Gothenburg, Sweden where the AMENDI headquarters is currently located. Through this agency we can easily source and gain quick, in-depth information on hundreds of fabrics.

All AMENDI jeans and denim jackets are manufactured with BOSSA fabrics.

Products: Mainly denim fabrics
Production capacity: 200.000 pcs per month
Certificates: GOTS, GRS, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, OEKO TEX Standard 100
Last AMENDI visit on site: No visits made by AMENDI
Dundar Tekstil, Turkey
Dundar Tekstil was founded in 1996 and specializes in the production of premium knitted fabrics.

All AMENDI jersey fabrics are produced by Dundar Tekstil for SP21.

Employees: 53 employees
Average salary: 600 EUR/month
Work hours: 8hrs/day
Products: Knitted fabrics
Production capacity: 5000 kg/day
Last AMENDI visit on site: No visits made by AMENDI
Atateks Ata Tekstil, Turkey
Starting production with 24 picanol weaving machines, Atateks Ata Tekstil has grown rapidly in a short time and has become one of the leading manufacturers of the outerwear woven fabric sector.

Ata Textile has been renovating her machinery since its establishment to adopt to the changing conditions caused by globalization, to meet the changing needs of her clients and to make all the difference in the sector. By 2014 Ata Textile has been providing services to her clients by manufacturing woven fabric of 1.500.000 meter per month with her 210 highly qualified employees and 155 optimax weaving machinery.

Ata Textile is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its 33.000 square meters of covered manufacturing facility.

Employees: 210 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/M
Work hours: 8,5 hours/ 1 shift
Production capacity: 1.5 million meters per month
Products: Raw fabrics
Certificates: BCI
Last visit: May 2021
Bossa is one of Turkey’s largest integrated textile companies and was founded in 1951 with its facilities and head office located in Adana. Bossa specializes in denim fabric production and have been investing heavily in innovative, eco-friendly production methods for many years.

All AMENDI jeans and denim jackets are manufactured and dyed by Bossa fabrics.

Products: Mainly denim fabrics
Production capacity: 200.000 pcs per month
Certificates: GOTS, GRS, ISO 5001, ISO 14001, OEKO TEX Standard 100
Last AMENDI visit on site: AMENDI plans to visit production plant and cotton farm October 2021.
Owned and operated by the Avelino family, Henateaks Boya, a dyeing and finishing company, has evolved a lot over the past decade. When several of their major clients filed for bankruptcy they weathered the financial storm by relying on their innovative dyeing process. Dyeing is the process of coloring the knitted, raw fabric. It is a resource heavy process that uses a lot of water and traditionally creates a lot of waste. Henateaks uses a circular water system which uses water from the local river and treats and cleans it before and after use. Their process has been certified by every major oversite organization, and we’re proud to have them as a partner.

All fabric dyed t-shirts, sweatshirts and jersey skirts are dyed by Henateaks for SP21 production.

Employees: 20
Average salary: 800 EUR/month
Work hours: 8 hours/3 shifts
Products: Dyeing various textile materials
Production capacity: N/A
Certificates: OEKO TEX Standard 100, BSCI, ISO 9001
Last AMENDI visit on site: No visit
Dinamik Raus Tekstil was founded in 2017 and specializes in dyeing garments in an environmentally responsible way.

All AMENDI garment dyed jersey products are dyed by Dinamik Raus Tekstil for SP20.

Employees: 68 employees
Average salary: 650 EUR/month
Work hours: three shift 3x8 hrs/day
Products: Garment dye of jersey products
Production capacity: 20.000 pcs/day
Certificates: Organic 100, ISO 9001, EKOTEK
Last AMENDI visit on site: No visit
Uludag Yikama, TURKEY
A small flexible company located in the heart of Istanbul. Our shirt supplier Sone partner with this dye house due to its high flexibility on small production volumes and willingness to support with sampling.

Employees: 20 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/M
Work hours: 8,5 hours/ 1 shift
Products: All type of garment products
Last visit: No visit
Label & trims
A-TEX, Turkey
A-TEX is a world-renowned company that specializes in providing trims, labels, and packaging to the textile industry. At AMENDI we work with a satellite office located in Borås, Sweden. There we develop and design buttons, trims, labels, hang tags, care labels and other product accessories. All production of AMENDI labels, tags, and trims (except paper hang tags which are produced in Denmark) are made in Turkey with an independent A-TEX supplier. We chose this option as all production is in Turkey and this method provides the shortest transportation routes to our manufacturing partners, making it a more manageable and transparent supply chain.

All AMENDI trims, labels, and tags are supplied by A-TEX and its partners.
KOMONTEKS (STROM DENIM) was founded in 2008 by Kadri Kayhan and originally focused on manufacturing premium denim products for the Turkish market. Since then Komonteks has evolved into a world-leading denim manufacturer and a pioneer in sustainable technology. In 2013 Mr. Omer Mert, and his friend and colleague, Baris Izcimen, were working as merchandisers at a competing denim manufacturer. They were impressed and intrigued enough by Strom’s success and forward-thinking vision that they left their jobs and became partners in Strom. Today Omer, Baris, and Mirac, Kadri Kayhan’s son, lead and manage all daily operations.
Strom’s first factory is fully vertical, meaning all the steps for production: cutting, sewing, washing, etc., are done under one roof. This allows for greater quality control, a more transparent supply chain, and a smaller carbon footprint. In 2019 Strom was excited to open a new cut and sew warehouse only a few kilometers away from their first factory. Both factories share a state-of-the-art laundry facility that is updated with the latest technology for creating wash effects on denim such as water-saving E-flow nano-bubble washing machines, ozone machines, and waterless laser applicators.

Strom’s focus is to grow by partnering with premium brands that appreciate their quality craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, quality working standards for employees, and progressive technologies for cleaner production. They have no interest in working with larger retail chains.

All AMENDI jeans and chino products are manufactured by Komonteks.

Employees: 750 employees
Average salary: 550 EUR/month
Work hours: 8h, starting 7:45 am - 6 pm
Products: Woven products; jeans, chinos, denim jackets, skirts, shorts
Production capacity: 200.000 pcs per month
Certificates: GOTS, GRS, SEDEX, IN PROCESS FOR BSCI, OEKO Tex Standard 100, Organic 100
Last AMENDI visit on site: August 2021
In 1999 Husamettin Efe started a sewing atelier that worked as a subcontractor to a larger jersey manufacturer. In the larger factory Ismail Özkonoglu worked as a textile and chemistry engineer. In 2014 Husamettin and Ismail recognized they each shared a passion for high quality, specialty jersey manufacturing and together founded Efe Imalat. Efe Imalat specializes in t-shirts and sweatshirts. They plan to move to a new location soon to create a fully vertical factory which will include a fabric warehouse, cutting, and sewing.
All AMENDI t-shirts and sweatshirts for FA21 are manufactured by Efe Imalat.

Employees: 12 employees
Average salary: 600 EUR/month
Work hours: 9h, starting 8:30 am
Products: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Polo shirts, dresses, baby clothing
Production capacity: 30.000 pcs per month
Certificates: Sedex certified since 2017
Last AMENDI visit on site: August 2021
Zumrut Tekstil was founded in 1996 and specializes as a subcontractor to bigger jersey manufacturers.

All AMENDI t-shirts and sweatshirts are stitched by Zumrut Tekstil for FA21.

Employees: 80 employees
Average salary: 500 EUR/month
Work hours: 8 hrs/day
Products: Stitching of jersey garments
Production capacity: 2000 pcs/day
Certificates: Sedex
Last AMENDI visit on site: August 2021
Sone Tekstil is a boutique factory located in the heart of the city of Istanbul and is owned and operated by partners Ali Bahri Cubukcular and Gökmen Sancakoglu. Though Sone was founded in 2017, the factory and building that comprise the company has a long, rich history and many of the employees have worked there for years. This small but powerful facility specializes in all aspects of shirting, from developing patterns to cutting and sewing.

All AMENDI shirts for FA20 are manufactured by Sone.

Employees: 40 employees
Average salary: 400 EUR/month + family benefits
Work hours: 8,5h, starting 8:30 am, 3 breaks a day
Products: Shirts
Production capacity: 11.000-15.000 pcs per month
Certificates: BSCI certified since spring 2019
Last AMENDI visit on site: August 2021
LINEA was established in 1993 by Ibrahim Bagci. The company’s mission is to support working women. 75% of the workforce are women working in the factory and in the sampling workshop. Most of the women are former housewives who did leather hand-stitching at home. At LINEA they receive professional training, salary, and benefits and the ability to become independent. There are 25 employees working at the company in various positions. LINEA has very flexible work hours to support their employees who are mothers, so hours are planned around children’s school and activity schedule.

All AMENDI outerwear are manufactured by Linea.

Employees: 25 employees
Average salary: 600 EUR/month
Work hours: 9h, starting 7:30 am
Products: Coats, jackets, pants, skirts
Production capacity: 1.000 pcs per month in-house, 20.000 pcs per month including sub-contractors
Certificates: Sedex certified since 2018
Owners: Ibrahim Bagci, Meltem Bagci
Last AMENDI visit on site: August 2021
All AMENDI products are transported by YTL from Istanbul to our central warehouse located in Borås, Sweden. YTL operates under ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. All shipments are made by truck.
All AMENDI products are warehoused with a company called Korallen AB located in Borås Sweden. Korallen is a family owned business established in 1985. The company was originally focused on dyeing and washing textile garments, but since 1993 Korallen operates purely as a logistics partner. Korallen has made significant investments in recent years and is now a technologically advanced warehouse with streamlined operations. The company can services both wholesale and direct-to-consumer and is partners with some of the most successful fashion and clothing brands in Sweden.
DHL is a market leader in the logistics industry and is the "logistics company for the whole world." DHL offers expertise in international express, air and sea freight, road and rail transport, contract logistics and international mail services. With a global network of more than 220 countries and territories and 350,000 employees worldwide, customers are offered the highest quality service combined with good local knowledge. DHL claims to continuously work to reduce their climate impact and contribute to disaster management and consumer education.
Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today, UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. UPS has become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistic services. Every day, UPS manages the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.