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Couple wearing spring outfits with beige overcoats and blazers from the AMENDI spring 2021 collection. Couple wearing spring outfits from the spring 2021 collection


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We’ve said it before - one step toward a better industry is to make more with less, or upcycle.

up·cy·cle | \ ˈəp-ˌsī-kəl
verb — to create an object of greater value from (a discarded object or objects)

For our first upcycle collection we partnered with a team of artisans in Borås, Sweden to remake and enhance some of our core pieces using leftover and throwaway materials.

Check out the collection, and some pictures from a day out in Brooklyn with friends, at the link below.



Knowing where your clothes come from is as important as the quality or style. With our traceability module you can track the journey of any AMENDI garment, from the loom to your closet.


This is Amendi

AMENDI is a Swedish-American clothing brand with a focus on transparency, responsible design, and production. The name “AMENDI” is a moniker for amendments which means: progression, correction, or improvement. We do not just want to make clothes you can love and trust, we want to do our part to fix what’s broken in our global communities.

Instead of empty marketing promises we pledge to be open and honest, and maintain a vigilant commitment to constant improvement. Through responsible sourcing guided by certifications, common-sense supply chain organization, transparency, and in-depth traceability features, we want to set the new minimum standard for the fashion industry.