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Knowing where your clothes come from is as important as the quality or style. With our traceability module you can track the journey of any AMENDI garment, from the loom to your closet.



If you have a change of heart, patch it up from the start. AMENDI just launched a small range of distressed denims.
Distressed jeans looks great but tend to wear out quicker than regular jeans. Therefore AMENDI decided to include a repair kit to every pair of distressed denim, and wants to inspire you to get creative.

MEND BY AMENDI marks the start of the official repair program that will launch during 2023.


This is Amendi

AMENDI is a Swedish-American denim brand with focus on transparency, responsible design, and production. The name “AMENDI” is a moniker for amendments which means progression, correction, or improvement. AMENDI measures its CO2 footprint, and compensates for its carbon emissions by 200%.

AMENDI is committed to transparency and offers in-depth knowledge about their garments, from how they were made, to who made them, and what they cost to produce. This knowledge is offered through a state-of-the-art "fabrication facts tag," which was inspired by the nutrition facts tag you find on food. In addition, each and every AMENDI garment is traceable from the loom to your closet.