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You can’t go wrong with a Sweatshirt. The one thing all trends have in common is = Sweatshirt. Originally a jersey made of wool, worn by American football players. In 1926 football player Benjamin Russell J.r, frustrated over the itchy and ill-fitted jersey found a solution.

His father was a textile manufacturer and together they decided to go with cotton instead of wool. The name Sweatshirt refers to its predecessor made out of wool. Almost a century later the Sweatshirt is worn by everyone, regarding age.
All AMENDI Sweatshirts are made with 100% GOTS certified cotton.

You can also trace your sweatshirt using the AMENDI traceability module.

Why be a follower of fashion when you can lead in a Sweatshirt.

AMENDI blue sweatshirt in organic cotton

AMENDI white sweatshirt for womens in organic cotton