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We are happy and proud to announce that we since May 2022 is a GOTS certified company!

You may wonder: ‘what is GOTS?’ GOTS means Global Organic Textile Standard and it has been the international standard for ecological textiles in more than 60 countries around the world since 2006. The aim of the standard is to define worldwide-recognized requirements that ensure the organic status of fabrics and clothes.

The GOTS standard has set down requirements throughout the whole supply chain for both ecological and labor conditions in textile and clothes manufacturing using organically produced raw materials such as cotton, silk, wool, and linen. For clothing, this means the process from fiber to sewing of the garment. Textile processing results in the often inadequately treated discharge of toxic chemicals into the air and water, as well as in harmful workplace situations. A quarter of all agricultural pesticides is used in cotton farming.

GOTS prohibits the use of chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause cancer, birth defects and other serious illnesses. Chemicals in general, destroy the eco-system and biodiversity on an international scale. GOTS requires that all dyes are assessed to its strict criteria and approved prior to their usage.

The GOTS has two types of labels: ‘organic’ and ‘made with organic’. The difference between the two GOTS labels is that having the label ‘organic’ have to contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers while ‘made with organic’ clothes contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibers, but only with a maximum of 10% synthetic fibers.

GOTS Certified Products:

  • No use of genetically modified seeds
  • No use of toxic, persistent pesticides, and fertilizers
  • Retains water and energy more efficiently
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the laborers
  • Laborers receive a living wage