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As billions continues to self-isolate to slow the spread of COVID-19, there is a silver lining for Earth’s climate. According to several studies, “from China’s Hubei province to industrial northern Italy and beyond, pollution levels have plummeted” ( The Earth is catching her breath. So, in honor of Earth Day and National Poetry month, here are eleven Eco-Poems to honor our connection to the earth and all the resources she provides.

1. “The Seekonk Woods” by Galway Kinnell:

2. “Sonnet 18: ‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day…’” by William Shakespeare:

3. “Power” by Adrienne Rich:

4. “For A Coming Extinction” by WS Merwkn:

5. “What My Child Learns of The Sea” by Audre Lorde:

6. “The Oldest Living Thing in L.A.” by Larry Levis:

7. “Our Valley” by Phillip Levine:

8. “[earthearthearth]” by Ronald Johnson:

9. “Optimism” by Jane Hirshfield:

10. “Salutation” by Ezra Pound:

11. “My House is the Red Earth” by Joy Harjo:

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