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Up until the early 20th century, shorts were almost exclusively worn by boys. They looked forward to their first pair of pants, which they received after puberty. But after World War I, where many men served in tropical climates, and the roaring twenties where fashion conventions were challenged, shorts gained popularity. AMENDI shorts are a take on the Bermuda short, which was pioneered by British soldiers who wanted a short they could wear at a cocktail party. All AMENDI shorts are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. We use no genetically modified plants, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers during the farming process. This guarantees the ongoing health of the soil, the local biosphere, and the safety of the farm workers. It also creates a stronger cotton boll. All our cotton is grown, harvested, woven into fabric, and sewn into shirts, in the same country.

By keeping supply chain in one place we decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase quality. We never use harsh chemicals on AMENDI shorts and take full advantage of eco-friendly technologies during production. We never use harsh chemicals on any of our shorts and take full advantage of the latest eco-friendly dye processes. The facility that dyes our shorts is also GOTS certified. This guarantees no bleaches or toxins are used during the dye process and that all water used is processed and purified. It also means the employees are work in safe working conditions and are treated fairly. AMENDI shorts can last for years and years if well taken care of and will only get better with wear. You can learn more about our chinos and the facilities that make them by clicking the transparency page link below. Go ahead, get to know your shorts.